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Here are the laws for the State of New Mexico regarding licensed handymen

A Handyman CAN NOT perform any of the following:

Work covered under a contractors license or other licensed construction/building vocation. As used in the Construction Industries Licensing Act [60-13-1 NMSA 1978], "contractor": A. means any person who undertakes, offers to undertake by bid or other means or purports to have the capacity to undertake, by himself or through others, contracting. Contracting includes constructing, altering, repairing, installing or demolishing any:
  • (1) road, highway, bridge, parking area or related project;
  • (2) building, stadium or other structure;
  • (3) airport, subway or similar facility;
  • (4) park, trail, bridle path, athletic field, golf course or similar facility;
  • (5) dam, reservoir, canal, ditch or similar facility;
  • (6) sewerage or water treatment facility, power generating plant, pump station, natural gas compressing station or similar facility;
  • (7) sewerage, water, gas or other pipeline;
  • (8) transmission line;
  • (9) radio, television or other tower;
  • (10) water, oil or other storage tank;
  • (11) shaft, tunnel or mining appurtenance;
  • (12) leveling or clearing land;
  • (13) excavating earth;
  • (14) air conditioning, conduit, heating or other similar mechanical works;
  • (15) electrical wiring, plumbing or plumbing fixture, consumers' gas piping, gas appliances or water conditioners; or
  • (16) similar work, structures or installations which are covered by applicable codes adopted under the provisions of the Construction Industries Licensing Act;

Any person holding a Handyman 's Certificate may perform any of the following:

  • Minor or inconsequential repairs to buildings or other structures (no structural repairs).
  • Repair holes in interior walls
  • Repair broken windows and doors (no replacement).
  • Repair portions of porches and decks (no structural work or complete replacement).
  • Repair wooden or concrete stairs/steps (no complete replacement).
  • Repair siding excluding any work on stucco.

Any person holding a Handyman's Certificate may NOT PERFORM any of the following:

  • Advertise as a contractor or impart to the general public he is any manner qualified to engage in the business of contracting.
  • Work on any projects as a sub-contractor to a licensed contractor.
  • Add on a room to an existing building or remodel any portion of an existing room or building.
  • Build or erect an entire building or any other structure such as a porch, deck, shed, gazebo or other garden structure.
  • Perform any kind of roof construction or roof repair.
  • Perform any kind of stucco application or stucco repair.
  • Use the services of others, or hire employees or sub-contractors.
  • Combine with others, including other handyman certificate holders, to accomplish work.
  • Perform any plumbing, mechanical, or electrical work.
  • Work on more than one undertaking at a time.
  • Build a driveway.

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